Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sweet, uninhibited hugs surround my side. Arms too short to reach up higher. A voice whispering " I love you mommy". Knowing it's all for me.

Leaning down to embrace the arms that are reaching for more. A tender moment. A moment repeated several times every day.

"Mommy, can you push the swing? Just eight times. Five times?" Gently giving the big push. Starting the momentum until a new push is needed. Running late to work to enjoy those moments.

It's all worth it.

Because I know all too soon that they will be memories... stored in my mind. They will come farther between. 

My heart aches at the thought. I will embrace the hugs longer. Cherish the ten kisses given to me.

All too soon, this to will pass.

Why can't they be little forever.