Thursday, May 17, 2012

PYHO: Fear of the Unknown

My fear that Little E may not be able to attend the school his sister goes to have resurfaced again. Last year I wrote about this worry and later felt that it could have been premature. I felt relieved that he would more than likely get the variance and be able to attend at least two years in the same school as Miss K. That would have given me more time to prepare for homeschool or any other option.

So last week I signed Little E up for Kindergarten at our zoned school. I requested the variance form and informed the registrar why I was asking for it. While going over Little E's paperwork she stated that this coming school year, the state had not listed "Choice Schools" for the NCLB Act. She said it was talked about that students who were going to other schools besides their zoned school could be required to go back to the school they were zoned for. I was in shock!

This whole time I was worrying about getting my son into the same school as my daughter and I never thought about her losing her spot.

So today I called the zoned elementary school to inquire about Little E's variance form. The registrar told me that she had sent it on to the other school early this week and it might be at the School Board Dept. She gave me their phone number and the extension of the department I would need to speak to. What a very helpful and thoughtful thing for her to do. Especially for a parent who doesn't want their child going to her school.

I debated on whether or not I should call. I didn't know how my inquiring would affect my son's forms. I went ahead with the motherly instinct and called. I'm not sure if I'm glad I called or not. I spoke to the lady in the zoning department and she told me that his variance form had not come in yet. Not surprising. I'm not too worried because it's not like my answer will come quicker if it was.

I was told that I would have to wait until at least July 1st or later to know if we have been denied or accepted. I was concerned about Miss K's position at the school and was routed to another department. The lady that I spoke with was very helpful too. She reassured me that Miss K would not lose her place at the school she currently goes to, even though the NCLB Act has been rewritten by the Florida Department of Education.
 Without going into much detail, the Act that the Federal Dept of Education created did not accomplish the goals that it set out. 

The bad news, Little E could be denied and have to attend the zoned school while Miss K gets to stay at her school. Which is not an option I want to go with. I do not want either of my children to attend that school. The lady told me if that happened, I would need a Plan B. Whatever my Plan B is. She said I always have the option to appeal the school boards decision. Which if turns out to be the case, I will have to build a rock solid case. Not just gut feeling or mother's intuition. My other option would be virtual school at home. Which essentially is home school. Or private school, which in no way I could afford. Or charter school for both kids or just Little E.

I never thought that this could happen when I signed him up for school. I thought it was an open and shut case and then I would have to worry when Miss K left the elementary school to go into middle school. Nope. Life is never that easy. So I will now have to sit, worry and pray my hardest that God works this all out. Please God, just give me one more year. Just let Little E go to Miss K's school for one year. He really wants that opportunity. Please pray for us that it all works out.

I am posting this late for PYHO and glad that I did. Since this all came to light on Thursday.


shellthings said...

That sounds so frustrating! I hope that you can get it all worked out! 

angelshrout said...

I hope you get to have them together in the school you want. Isn't it irritating that we pay so much in taxes for shoddy educations. We should never have to move our kids from their local school for that reason.. They should invest in better teachers and leaders to bring the local school up to the level of the other schools in the area.. 

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm sorry you are going through this.  School choice can be both a blessing and a curse and I've been told that NCLB created a pretty big mess in your neck of the woods!

CrazyKindofMom said...

Thanks. I believe it. I'm thankful we had this oppurtunity so Miss K could go to the school we wanted. But now, it's like a curse. 

CrazyKindofMom said...

 I agree! And when I was talking to the School Board the lady was saying that our county doesn't have failing schools. Well, I beg to differ. A "C" school might not be failing, but when my child has the opportunity to attend an "A" school that is 5 star, you bet your bottom I'm going to want it!

CrazyKindofMom said...

 Thanks. I really wish that I lived in a county that had choice for all schools. The county that K dances in is like that. They apply for the school they want, even though it's public school. I really wish I could move there.