Thursday, May 10, 2012

WW: Summer 10

List your top 10 favorite things about summer growing up

10. Bicycle rides through the neighborhood. Heading to each of my friends' houses to see who was home and could ride with me.

9. Swimming at the local park with my brothers. We would spend hours swimming in that murky water ( that they now have signs recommending not swimming because of amoeba) then head to the playground and see who could swing the highest. 

8. When my aunt would come to visit every year in June. She would come bearing small gifts for each of us and we would spend most of the week taking mini trips to the local stores. 

7. Heading to grandma and grandpa's house when my aunt would go back home. We would ride the Greyhound bus with her. Stopping at the bus stations was one of my favorite parts. She would always buy us a candy bar. 

6. The beach trips. They were few and far between so you made the most of the times you were there. Spending hours in the ocean water chasing the waves. 

5. Chatting on the phone for hours and hours with my best friends. Since my parents worked they rarely took me to their houses so I kept in touch with the ones who didn't live within bike riding distance. 

4. Swimming in the pool. Growing up, we had an above ground pool at my parents house. When we weren't doing chores we spent hours playing marco-polo, wave pool and water volleyball.

3. Before middle school, my younger brother and I were too little to stay at home when my mom worked, so we had to go with mom to work at my parents business.My dad had a pair of doberman dogs that were "supposed" to be guard dogs, but they were more of big playmates to me. My brother and I would spend hours playing with those dogs. 

2. Going roller skating and to the movies with my friends. I used to be a great roller skater. I used to be able to roll backwards and in a circle holing holds with my friend. 

1. Sleepovers! I loved going to sleep overs at my friends houses.It was a chance to get away from being at home doing chores and getting picked on by my brothers. Escape! 

This Thursday post was written for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, I chose prompt # 5.


madamdreamweaver said...

Very enjoyable list.

mamakatslosinit said...

There was something so freeing about riding bikes with friends wasn't there? My kids will never know that feeling...sad, but I share those same favorite memories!

CrazyKindofMom said...

It is dis heartening to know that our children will not be able to experience the same childhood past times that we did. The world is just a different place. :-/

CrazyKindofMom said...

Thank you!