Friday, December 18, 2009

Mystery Box

Have you ever gotten a box at your door that was unexpected? I'm sure you have. I got one of those yesterday. I slowed down in front of the house as I was pulling around to back into the driveway. The kids could see the box and they were so excited! What made this box more enticing to Kay and Little E was that it had one of those smiles on the side of it. ( It's one of those Amazon boxes.) This is the conversation in the truck.

Kay: "Mom there's a box a the door!"

Me: "I see it. I see it."

Little E: "A box, momma! A box".

Me: "I wonder who sent that."

Kay: " I don't know, can we open it?"

Me: "Let's see who sent it first."

I continue to back into the driveway while we're discussing the curiosity of this box. As soon as I get the engine turned off they were squirming to get out of their car seats. (E is in a car seat and yes my 6 year old K is in a booster seat.) They ran over to the box and were inspecting it and couldn't wait until I got over there to look at it too. This was the conversation at the door.

Kay: "Mom look at it! It's a big box. It says it's from FedEx." (It had a fed ex drop off label)

Me: "Oh I see. Yes, FedEx delivered it sweetie." I answered her as I'm reading the label on the box. Hmmm, LTC Nutrition. Who the heck is that? I thought to myself.

After I got the kids, the box and all our stuff in the house I knew it would be a matter of minutes before they would want to open it. Thankfully they were more concerned with turning on the Christmas tree lights and our polar bear. I called DH to see if he purchased a Christmas gift for me and I shouldn't be opening the box. After I found out he didn't get me a surprise gift, I figured what the heck. I opened it without any little eyes watching ( how did I get so lucky) and found a Hot Wheels toy track inside. I closed the box quickly and told Little E and Kay to leave the box alone.
I knew who the box came from now. Haha! My brother who lives in North Florida is coming into town for Christmas and he must have had Little E's gift delivered to our house. It would have been helpful if he had called to tell me this ahead of time. It would have saved me the curiosity of what, who and why.
I called my brother after securing the package. I told him that I got a very large box delivered to me.Of course he thought he told me about it. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since he does have a new baby this year. The holidays are crazy enough, but add a baby to a first time father. Well you's crazy. He did tell me that Kay's gift would be showing up too and when they get in town (Christmas Eve) that he'll need to wrap them. Good luck on that one. I may need to step in and do it for him. Not sure where I'll find the time either, but I'm sure I can squeeze in another package to wrap in amongst the large pile I already have.
Geez, I don't even want to think about it.