Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Have you not been sneaking chocolates from your kids candy stash while they sleep or not faked being asleep when your husband asks for a back rub? I haven't either! Welcome to Not Me! Monday a blog carnival started by MckMama over at where you can tell about what you have not been doing all week.

I did not tell my husband that I don't like Sicilian pizza for two days and when he finally ordered one on Friday night eat a piece and enjoy it.

I did not give in when my son threw himself on the floor to have some gum. I also did not convince him that he could hold the pack in his hand while he finished eating his breakfast first. I would not bribe my child, not me!

I did not ground my daughter for a day after getting a bad behavior report at school on Friday and tell her that she could not play with her friend on Saturday, while I am at work and daddy has to enforce it. I wouldn't put my husband through that torture of a whining child while I am away, nope not me!

I did not bathe my kids and the new puppy together in the bathtub to kill three birds with one stone.

I did not give my husband full power to pick a new mattress set without me there.

I did not take my son out of a pull-up from his nap and when he answers that he doesn't need to go , listen to a 2 1/2 year old. I know better than that. Then I did not ask him after having a potty accident "what happened?", knowing full well I should have taken him.

I did not buy the new puppy a dress to wear at the pet store. It was not on sale.



Andrea said...

Love this one: "I did not bathe my kids and the new puppy together in the bathtub to kill three birds with one stone." But I think the new puppy dress is even better! :D

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you got a picture of the bath!
Or at least plan on getting a picture next time! That's a good one!

We 2 Bees said...

You crack me up! I love it! I didn't know you got a new puppy! How cute!

Crystal said...

That is one cute puppy. Bribes work great for my kids - lovem!!