Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Schooling?

When I found out that my husband was going to be getting a raise that would allow me to stay home with my children I had all these dreams and ideas about crafts, teaching and some sort of home schooling. I bought supplies, reorganized my computer room and tried to mentally prepare myself for what lie ahead.
I failed though. My journey to staying home started over the summer of 2010 and I think the only thing I did accomplish was keeping the kids occupied with reading books, taking day trips to the museum, beach, park and mall like my daughter requested and a few crafts. Once school started and I got a regular routine back I figured I better start some kind of rudimentary schooling for Little E who will be going to preschool this fall.
He is above where he should be academically because he was enrolled in daycare from 8 weeks old to almost three years old and has that advantage. He knows all his colors, shapes, left and right, most of his letters, knows the number 1-9 and can count to 15. He can recognize the spelling of his name but cannot spell it to me.
I figured he might as well continue in his learning until he goes back to school so I bought some alphabet flash cards that have uppercase and lowercase letters. It's funny how he recognizes the uppercase letters but struggles with the lowercase.
I started with the uppercase for now and have collected the letters he doesn't remember. For those letters he struggles with I have started doing weekly projects that include that letter.Last week we worked on the letter R. We colored an "r", we cut out colored strips of construction paper and glued them onto another paper with the letter R and then cut out the R after the glue dried. Giving us a Rainbow R. Little E loved this project. I focused on words that started with R and have found the repetition works best for my little guy. I found this project on Confessions from a HomeSchooler , a fellow home schooler/ bloggers website.
This week we will work on the letter Q. Little E thinks it's an "o" so at least he recognizes the O but we have to get him to pay attention to the little tail it has.

Today I joining Mamarazzi on what she hopes might be a Blogger Revolution to end no-reply blogger comments.



Mary Ann Johnson said...

Hi Tiffany,
This is a really colorful & beautiful blog and nice post. Good to know how your homeschooling is going. Keep up the good job.
Mary Ann Johnson - Home School Coach
Educational Mentor & Family Support

Mamarazzi said...

woo hoo Viva the bloggy revolution, thanks for joining in!!