Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PYHO: Stop that Plane

Thank you Shell at Thing's I Can't Say
for keeping this blog meme going strong.

I should know better than to do something without thinking it through. But I let my soft side get the better of me and made a decision thinking of some one else. I decided a few months ago to suggest a short trip to New England for my husband. I thought it would be nice to have him go visit his grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins for a few days and enjoy his parents birth state. He couldn't believe that I would even suggest it and he questioned me making sure I meant it.

I really did mean it. Then.

I should have done my research and checked ALL the calendars because I missed the school one. The week, this week in fact is the one he flies out; is the same week that Miss K is on Spring Break. Big fat bummer. When I realized it, it was too late because all the arrangements had been made, his plane ticket had been purchased and his cousin from California had already planned the same weekend to go too.

I feel bad but I have done nothing but whine and complain about it. I know it's bad to make him feel guilty for being excited to get away but I wish I had not suggested this trip. I was handling it quite well up until a few days ago when he told me his father was now going. The same man who was not going to go and now at the last minute is going.

I cannot explain the raw emotion I have about his father, my father in law. But for some reason, him going on this trip,only because my husband is going, irritates me. I KNOW with my heart and soul that he is ONLY going because his son is going. Maybe I'm jealous.

So what.

I, as his wife will always be his first priority. So much so that when his dad suggested that he stay the night at his house tonight, Tuesday so they could ride to the airport together, my husband declined the offer. He chose to stay home on the last night before flying out.

He (his dad) can have his 4 days alone with my husband. But it starts Wednesday morning.

I know that I should have some respect for my elders and I do. But I deserve respect as my husband's wife and parent's should learn that when their child marries that they are forsaken. The vows of husband and wife trump parent ties.

I've gone off just a bit on this tirade, especially since I was upset about this trip. I know I'm most upset about the circumstances that have happened since it was planned. I'm missing my husband already and he hasn't even left yet.
A least the kids are one Spring Break this week, it's going to keep me quite busy while their daddy is away. We're heading to the beach tomorrow to enjoy some sun and fun with their grandma. The days will fly by and before I know it, my husband will be back home.


singedwingangel said...

Aww hun I hope the time flies by as well. I am sorry you and your FIL have such a rough relationship. I totally understand though about parents who refuse to cut the apron strings.. totally not fair to the new spouse.

The Mommyologist said...

As bad as it sucks, I have finally accepted that I will NEVER win against my in-laws. My MIL will always come first with my husband...that's just the way it is!

Jessica said...

Sorry you are having such tough feelings. I hope you are able to find some joy in the week with your daughter.

Erinsgobragh said...

Ha trying living in the same house with your in-laws and them thinking that just cause their son in back in their house they can use him and take him away from his family when ever they wish. NOT. My hubby knows we (me and our 8 month old daughter need him more than his two "adult" parents.
I don't know what it is about in-laws that think they can steel their son from his family are they stupid?!

Hang in there while hubby is away girl you have friends out here to keep you company :D

Shell said...

At least you have spring break to distract you! Do some really fun things with the kids to keep your mind off of it.

Jenna said...

Im glad you poured your heart out. The healthiness of venting that you might otherwise have just held in. I hear you, and want you to know that its totally understandable why you would feel this way. *HUGS* hope the time passes quickly.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Keep that last sentence or two in mind and let the time fly by! Hubby will be home before you know it. And you are giving him a precious gift by letting him go!

purseblogger said...

He will be home before you know it girl. xoxo

sheryl lontok said...

Dealing with in-laws is quite hard. I'm experiencing that feeling at times. Don't worry, four days will be so quick, you won't even notice it passing by. Before you know it, he'll be there with you. Enjoy your Spring Break with the kids! :)

Adrienne said...

In laws can be so tricky to deal with. It can be a roller coaster of emotions. you're not alone there! I hope hubby gets homes oon, and you are able to enjoy some of the spring break!