Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I would never smack my husband's arm when he turned his iPhone to a game during church service. Not me! Then after he tried to attempt the same game again, thinking he resolved the sound problem, snap out his name during service.

I did not bring a 120zbag of M&M's, that I bought for $2.47, to the movies on Sunday to avoid that $5.50 6oz bag. Nope not me. And I did not tell my kids to be quiet about the same bag that I had hidden in Little E's drink bag. No....I would never be a dishonest person and involve my kids in it.

I did not bring a paper lunch bag to the same movie and pour part of my large popcorn in it for my daughter and husband. The same large popcorn that gets a free refill. I did not munch down the rest of that bag with Little E and go get my free refill to share with my kids. I would never consume that many calories. haha!!

I did not listen to my husband when he wanted to use the escalator instead of the elevator because we had Little E in his small stroller while at the mall. I did not disregard the warning sign at the bottom of the escalator and get on anyways. I did not freak out at the top when the stroller wheel caught at the edge of the floor and and gave me trouble trying to get off. I would never take the stroller on the escalator.

*Note*After the escalator episode..we used the elevator the rest of the time at the mall. Even though it was a pain in the butt and we searched and searched for one in JcPenney. Which they hid back in the men's department.