Wednesday, January 27, 2010


E -2007

"Wee-Man" is a nickname my husband gave our son sometime after he was born. Not like he was a small baby weighing in at 9lbs 5 oz, by any means. But he is a "wee" version of my husband along with mommy's good looks.

I miss those days when he was still a babe in my arms and the only care was when the next bottle was. Then I think about his personality now. He is such a tender, caring, curious little boy. I look forward to his last goodbye kiss when I leave him at daycare and never miss that wave from the window. Just thinking about it now warms my heart.
He is such a blessing from God. He couldn't have given me a better little boy to take care of and love. Counting my blessings today.



Kingdom Mama said...

Oh! What a little cutie!!:)

We're linking up again on Monday for another round of bold blogging. Hope you'll join us:)