Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Isn't it great when you read some tip somewhere, for me it was bloggy land, and you actually get to put it to good use? Last night hubby set up our sprinkler for the water to freeze for the kids. Before we left the house I told the kids they could go outside and check it out. Note to self: do this more often. I have never seen them cooperate and get ready so fast. Anyways. The kids were touching the ice, running in the ice grass and admiring the icicles everywhere. I had activated the alarm on the house, coffee in hand and stepped outside as Little E was trying to push past me into the house. I closed the door and he's crying "I wanna wash hands, momma. I wanna WASH HANDS". I told him no we had to go. They didn't look dirty. I lock the door and start walking to the truck and he's holding his hands up at me and I notice they're pretty bright pink. I pick him up to put him in his craseat and inspect the hands. His hands were so pink from playing with the ice. Mix that with 25 degree temperature and you've got freezing hands.

Living in Florida I have never bought the kids any mittens or gloves. It rarely gets this cold and good luck finding a pair in the store now. Our winter clothing line was probably clearanced with the Christmas decorations. Seriously. I was just in Target the other day and they already had the capris and bathing suits out for sale.

Little E was having a fit and I remembered something I read yesterday. Socks instead of mittens. I dug through his diaper bag. Down in the bottom was an old pair of old navy socks, siz 12 months. PERFECT! I explained to him that they would make his hands warm. I pulled one on his little hand as he watched me and then I did the other one.. I knew it worked cause as soon as I was done he held up his hands and showed his sister. Of course she wanted a pair too, but I didn't have any for her hands. Thankfully, I had an extra set of small mittens of mine and she graciously took them.
Little E was so satisfied and proud of those "sock mittens" that he paraded them through Kay's school as we walked her onto the campus. He didn't take them off until we got back in the truck. I'll have to make sure to carry socks with me at all times, you never know when you'll need them.
I wanted to find the thread where I read it to say thanks. Thank you to who ever out there came up with this idea!


We 2 B's said...

The things you learn! As parents we have to use what we have. Good thinking! And welcome to the cold and in Florida at that - WOW! Sounds like you had a magical morning! What fun! I remember when we were very young it snowed in Flordia, if you call it that, but the memory is still with me. And this is a memory your kids will have forever! I just love that when it happens!