Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes

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So I've decided what the kids are going to be for Halloween.
Miss K is going to be a fairy, complete with wings, tutu, leotard
and all the glitter you can handle.
I'm being pretty crafty this year again and I'm putting
the kids costumes together myself.
I bought the tulle to make the tutu myself.
I went online and found instructions on how t make one.
Wish me luck!

Little E will be this!

*jack Pictures, Images and Photos

Jack Sparrow the pirate!
He doesn't know that is who he is
going to be, but he knows he'll be a pirate.
We're changing it just a bit since I only have the headband with
dreads from the costume.
So it's going to be combination of Jack Sparrow
and Captain Hook.
Complete with eye patch, earring, hook and sword.
My little guy is going to be soo cute!


Lori said...

We almost did Jack Sparrow b/c we have a Jack, but have decided to be "Sir Jack" the Brave Knight this year instead.

We made his costume last year and it was so much fun! I didn't make it this year:) Luck!

Rose said...

i assume that photos will be posted. hope all of the hard work comes out like you want. rose