Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Apologies

Today should have been my first edition of OH NO YOU DIDN'T, but the fact that it was Tuesday morning slipped my mind. I spent the last 24 hours with food poisoning and Monday was pretty much a blur. I won't go into details but one of my favorite foods will no longer be consumed by me unless I make it myself.
Sunday evening my husband and I got some Chinese takeout from our regular restaurant. But this time I tried a new dish and I thought it was soo yummy! Famous last words. Ugh. I am still recovering today from being so sick and just realized that it was Tuesday.
Just thinking about Chinese Food is making me nauseous. So I promise that I will start next week.


Lori said...

Food poisoning is the WORST!! I didn't eat in a Pizza Hut for about 3 years b/c of that! Feel better!