Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I was half looking forward to today. Wednesday is my day off and I usually get a chance to relax since it's the one day that nothing else is going on. No work, no trips to the dance studio for Miss K, no driving to the gym and no volunteering at school. You get the drift. I have been anticipating this day for a week at least. I had it scheduled today and prepaid for the surgery for my dog and my cat to be spayed and neutered.
My dog Bella is almost a year old and since we do not want her to have puppies she needed to be spayed. The cat Oscar is about six months old and he is coming into his "manhood". I guess you could call it that and since he's an indoor cat, we needed to get him"fixed" soon. For a week I've had to deal with him running out the door to get outside and howling like a female cat in heat. It was soo annoying.
So this morning after dropping off Miss K at school I had to get back home and load up the animals. Since we were able to have them "altered" at our local animal shelter for low cost it made more sense to have them go together. The drop off time for surgery was at 9:00- 9:30am which left most of the morning for me and Little E to get out of the house.

After a half hour hanging out in the waiting room and being embarrassed by my dog's lack of ability to hold her bladder we were on our way to the fabric store. I still needed one piece of fabric to finish Little E's pirate costume for Halloween.

Taking Little E into Jo-Ann's fabric store was pretty entertaining to say the least. He found himself some pirate fabric that he had to have and of course I bought a piece to make a small pillow. I found a remnant to use for his costume and of course I got sucked into the clearance section. I did score an awesome deal on a sewing basket and bought some more stuff to fill it with. Feeding my newest hobby addiction-sewing. We couldn't get out of the store though without a lesson in taking what doesn't belong to us. Little E tried to stash a piece of candy in his pocket and thankfully I caught him. Why do they sell candy in a craft store anyways?

Running on empty in the gas tank and in my stomach I stopped for gas before heading home and discovered that Daytona Beach does not have a Dunkin Donuts anywhere!!! I had to drive back home before locating a DD back near my hometown.

Realizing that I needed to go to Target again for the third time this week (You'd think I'd avoid that place after my recent experience) I passed home to go pick up my prescription that was available a week ago. Of course when I get to the pharmacy they tell me that my prescription was returned to the shelf so I would have to wait 20 minutes. By now, Little E is begging me for an icee and I just want to go home and eat lunch. I decided to hang in the store and wait and browse the Halloween section which is already on clearance.

Twenty five minutes later we were on our way out leaving not much time before having to go pickup Miss K from school. No time left to go home and eat lunch we met up with a friend at Chick Fil A. It actually gave me a breathing moment to eat and watch the little guy play in the playground.

After picking up Miss K, all she was concerned with was when were we going to get Bella and Oscar. We had a few hours before the pick up time and headed home to get homework done and give Little E a nap. By then he was running on empty, whining about everything and telling me " see mommy, I'm not tired anymore". He might not think he is but I was and needed a break.

My relaxing hour that I thought I might get didn't happen. Maybe I should have stayed off the phone or maybe I should have put the computer away. Who knows, but I do know that my time in the recliner was anything but relaxing. I was planning to make a last trip to the grocery store to get some items that were on sale and use my coupons. So I was searching on my newest money saving, coupon clipping website to print more out. All the while I was keeping tabs on Miss K who was not staying on task with her homework.

Before I knew it it was 4:00pm and I needed to get back on the road again to go get the animals. Another hour on the road round trip not including stopping at the store and waiting at the clinic. We get to the humane society and of course you can view the puppies and kittens from this room. This afternoon they moved some new puppies into the viewing cages and I spotted this adorable fawn and white pup. She was absolutely precious and fell in love with the kids.

Before I know it I'm standing in the back field with both kids and this puppy. We're doing a "meet n greet" and getting to know this sweet puppy I penned the name "Baby". The kids didn;t get the idea about adopting and thought we were taking this puppy home today. What was I thinking? My friend says I'm crazy. I guess so. It's a crazy life I lead. The chaos is hilarious. So we're on the waiting list to see if we get the puppy.

After an hour at the clinic we load up the cat and dog and head home. Bella was so excited to see us she couldn't control her bladder and peed all over again.

She's pretty mellow tonight. I think the surgery and leaving us for the day has traumatized her for now. The cat is not happy with me since he's sporting a new collar. haha. That's what he gets for licking his stitches. Thankfully the little guy has stopped howling like a cat in heat. It might be quiet around here now.

The kids are asleep, where I should be. I think it's taking me longer to wind down. It' been a crazy day. Back to work in the morning.