Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raincoat not needed

When it rains, it definitely pours. Today has been one of those crazy days that you just have to laugh at the craziness. The highlight of my day was that it was my day off from work and that it's my Wedding Anniversary. Not having to worry about being anywhere and being able to enjoy the morning, except for driving Miss K to school, it should have been peaceful. Nope, not this day.

Spilled banana milk during breakfast before we have to leave the house at 7:35am. It was 7:10 am and the best clean up I could manage was paper towels and cleaning wipes.I guess I could have let the dogs lick it up. Ha!

Trip to BJ's in attempt to use my 60 day free trial club membership and halfway there realizing that I left the coupon on the printer at home. Yep, pretty fantastic!

Fully potty trained three year old, or so I thought, poops in his underwear today. Oh, and I won't be too graphic, but it wasn't your regular bowel movement. Sticky, stinky and gross!

Awesome quietness in the middle of the day with Little E napping I took the time to get a few loads of laundry done. I planned it out to wash towels and bath rugs which could be easily removed without folding and then I would wash the whites. I hate whites, I hate folding socks. So I washed them last so they could yes, be left in the dryer. Yep. I'm feeling lazy like that.

I screwed up my anniversary dinner. I thought that I would make a family favorite of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Let's just say that the salad was fabulous. The sauce was gross. It wasn't even worthy of saving for leftovers to try and doctor it up.

Woke up the little man to eat dinner and he took about a half hour to crawl out from his bunk bed. I went back in to check on him and he's sitting on the floor, looks over at me and says "I need dry shorts mommy". What? He peed in the bed. He was soaked, the bed was soaked. It was like a gallon of it. So much for my laundry sitting in the dryer. Remember the missed step before nap? Yeah, I forgot to have him go pee.

Bathtime before dinner took up my extra time that I use to feed the dogs and cats. Begging animals after dinner made me rush through the steps and I was remembering the linens and bedsheets in the washer. I accidentally dropped the cat's food bowl with wet and dry food all on the floor. Another mess! Did I need something else to clean?!

At least I wrangled the hubby into helping me put Little E's bedsheets back on the bunkbed. Or that would have taken me 20 minutes while I climbed up and down the ladder and tackled the sheets alone.

But it didn't end there. Before bedtime, Little E was begging for a drink. I told him no because I didn't need another mess. He took upon himself to get a sippy cup, fill it up with water from the fridge and tried to put the lid on the cup He spilled it all over two kitchen chairs, the table, his pajamas and the floor. Outfit #3 today for one child and he's not a newborn anymore!

Thankfully I think my mess day is over. Knock on wood!!! I'm not in bed yet and the dogs might find it in their sneakiness to make a mess for me too. I'm hanging up the apron and gloves for the night, where's the housekeeper?


Rose said...

alot of things going on with the floor and different types of liquids and that stinky stuff. still happy anniversary. hopr tomorrow is better. rose