Thursday, August 12, 2010


I cannot believe that in four days my daughter will be going back to school. She will be entering the second grade. This morning we met the teacher or shall I say teachers. Miss K has been placed in a class with 36 students and two teachers. I am really excited about this environment for her. I have tried so hard all summer to get her tested for the gifted program and successfully got the ball rolling in that direction and we get this blessing. Her teacher has been teaching for many years and is very energetic. I know that Miss K will excel in this class.

I finally got the call I was waiting for from the school guidance counselor yesterday. I still needed to fill out a parent questionnaire about Miss K to see if she qualifies for the test. The counselor went through her grades and interviewed me about my daughter. She needed 3 points to be considered and she did it! That is such good news. The bad news is: if she fails they will NEVER test her again and I will not know the day they pick to test her. We have no preparation. I signed the consent for and walked out of the school office really excited.

But after being fully satisfied with her teacher and class I worry that maybe I should not have pushed the gifted test. Will it be the best choice? IF she passes. Maybe she won't. Miss K is VERY smart but the biggest hurdle will be her ability to stay on task. She does have to be reminded to stay on task when she is in free time. The gifted class is a bit more freely run in some situations . We'll see what happens.

Either way I will be VERY happy. I can't wait for this year to start and see how well she does in this class. Last year she had many misfits and children who were not on the reading, writing level she is on. The challenges will be more her pace. She will be among her peers who are on the education level she is on. I think my prayers have been answered and I didn't know it.


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome girl! My kids were in a gifted program before we moved to a different state and they loved it, as did I. And if she ends up not making it in, it sounds like she'll still be in a great situation. That is so good. :) So happy the school year is starting off great!

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Casey said...

It sounds like her class is going to be a great class. Good luck with her testing. My daughter got tested last year but didn't make it. She was only in kindergarten and she can be tested again if a teacher nominates her.