Sunday, August 22, 2010

GTKY: Better late than Never

Sniffle, sniffle, achew!
So I am running late on my GTKY this weekend because I am still fighting
this cold. I got up at 10:00am, missed church and turned on my computer
BUT I was soo exhausted that
I went back to bed for the rest of the day.
I liked this week's questions a lot so here we go

Getting to know YOU

The Q's.

1. If you could host a Reality TV show, which one would it be? I would love to host the Amazing Race. I twould be so awesome to travel to each of those countries and see the world. But Phil would have to be with me, I love that guy!

2. Do you put your seatbelt on before or after you start the car? Before. Except when I pre start the car for the kids in this summer heat.

3. Shave or hair removal cream? shave cream with my trusty disposable razors

4. What's your favorite feature in a house? a large kitchen, which my current house does not have. Next house WILL have a BIG kitchen. I love to cook and I need room to create.

5. What is your favorite "Fall" scent? pumpkin spice, cold, crisp air, pine cones, apple pies, what fall scent doesn't smell good. mmmm. I can't wait!

6. What tv show are you looking forward to seeing the most this Fall?? Grey's Anatomy, Mercy and The V !! Come on prime time tv

7. Personal Shopper or Personal Chef? personal shopper! I hate to clothing shop for myself, it's such a chore and taking any children to do this task makes it that much worse. I like to cook so I would not give that up.

8. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of "Fall"? Pumpkins!


Mama Hen said...

Hey there my friend! I have been fighting an icky cold in my lungs. I have been for weeks and it is exhausting. I hope you feel better my friend. I love a large kitchen! I think it is the heart of the home. I realy like a kitchen that opens to the family room so everyone is gathered together even when I might be cooking. I don't have that now, but maybe one day. I love my kitchen though. It is white and bright! I hope you have a great week!

Mama Hen

We 2 Bees said...

I hope you feel better soon. I have a little cold that seems to be starting, I'm fighting it off until the bitter end I have too much to do! I loved your answers! I can't wait for fall, I'm ready to bring out the sweatshirts!

Lori said...

I like the scent of caramel for the Fall, but I'm with you on most of the other! Hope you're feeling better!

This Mom said...

Hi there! I am a new follower from New Friend Friday (don't judge me for being late - I actually have a day without kids today!)

I totally disagree with you on number 7. I would LOVE to have a personal chef. I hate cooking (probably because I'm a picky eater) and I would love to have someone making hot, healthy meals for my whole family. I can take the shopping!

Have a great week!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Casey said...

ooooh I can't wait until fall comes! It was 107 degrees here yesterday and that is just wrong. I need fall and I want it now!

I hope you are feeling better!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Nope, I refuse to participate in anything fall related. I'm dragging this summer out as long as possible! (But my favorite scent for that upcoming season that's so waaay into the future is apple cinnamon.)