Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What boys are made of....

Lately being with Little E has been pretty comical. I think because for six hours a day he is solely with me and doesn't have to share my attention with his sister. I am sure I have noticed his personality because he doesn't go to daycare and we're hanging out 24/7. Today he had me in stitches several times. He's pretty nosy and likes to dig through stuff that doesn't belong to him. He has been told by grandma to stay out of her desk at work. But as usual he can't keep his hands to himself and has to look in her desk. I guess he's looking for candy or snacks. Which I am sure of today because after a special request for eggs and toes (toast) he refused to finish it.
I was not at work for more than 15 minutes and he comes up to me and says "mommy, did you bring me any popcorn?"
Me: "nope, sorry baby." He cocks his head and holds out a blue bowl. "but mommy, I need popcorn in my bowl so I can watch a movie. Can you get some?"
Me: "I can't honey. I'll call grandma and see if she'll bring some."
"Okay mommy"Soon after my phone call to my mother he goes missing again and comes out with a green plastic bowl. My dad gets on to him for digging through grandma's stuff and tells Little E that grandma is going to whoop him. He hides behind a desk and waits until my dad leaves the sales area and goes to the service department.
Little E comes out from behind the desk and looks pretty sad with his pouty lip and close to tears. "Why's grandma gonna whoop me mommy? Whad I do?"
Me, trying not to smile: "You shouldn't be digging through her stuff sweetie. Put those bowls away."

After Miss K's dance class this afternoon/evening we were heading home. I was on the phone and Little E starts interrupting me. I couldn;t comprehend what he was saying. After hanging up he says to me " my foot".
Me: "what?"
E: "my foot itches"
I look in the concave mirror that allows me to view the backseats and see his sock and shoe removed foot sticking up towards my chair. eww.
Me: "I am not scratching your foot. You scratch it."
E: "No! My foot itched, I scratched it. Can you kiss it?"
Me: " No way! Honey, I love you to death but I am not kissing that sweaty little foot."
I could not stop laughing. I just can't kiss all the boo boos. I have to draw the line somewhere.

This evening before bed Little E finds a tiny beetle in the house. He proceeds to take it to bed with him and requests something to keep it in. Daddy provided him with a plastic container with a lid. About 15 minutes after being tucked in he starts calling me. "mommy! mooommmmmyyy!"
I go in to find out what the situation is."mommy, where's my beetle?"
I walk farther into his room and see the lid on the floor and no container in sight. I half figured I would find the bug dead in the the container on the morning. Guess I'll find a dead bug in the bed in the morning now. Gotta love boys. You never know what's going to happen next.


Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Love his curiosity. And yeah, I don't kiss little sweaty feet better either. LOL

Tylaine said...

Boy my Ethan and your little E sure sound like they would have a blast! You can see the mischieviousness and curiosity in his eyes! So adorable!

We 2 Bees said...

Oh boys! They are so much fun! It's constantly something new!