Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little bit of this..A little bit of that

In twelve days the summer will come to an end. It seems like only a few weeks have passed during the fun. This by far has been the best summer I have had since I was a kid myself. I have enjoyed beach days, days at the park, playing at the splash pad, picnic lunches. cheap movies, play dates, shopping trips, slushee stops at Target and lazy days hanging on the couch watching television. Those are just among the fun things I have done with my babes.
Today was another adventure with a cheap movie at the theater. Who can resist the $3.00 special that includes a small popcorn and child sized drink for each person? Yeah so what if it's a movie that is already on DVD. The kids didn't care. Watching the movie in the dark, with full surround stereo on the BIG screen eating popcorn with your little friends. They loved it!
Then we enjoyed some Italian cuisine of cheesy pizza at Papa Joe's Pizza and Pasta. I enjoyed a yummy dish of baked manicotti and it was soo delicious! then we headed for some free bowling at our AMF bowling lanes. If you haven't heard of this it's great! We signed up at KidsBowlFree (they have a Facebook page) and each week we get bowling coupons for the kids to bowl two free games each day. The kids loved throwing that silly 6 pound electric green ball down the lane!
The best part was when Little E threw a ball down there and it was going so slow it looked like it was rolling back towards us. It actually stopped rolling and the lane guy had to go down there and get it.

We finished the day with a quick trip into Target for a few items and made our usual stop at the slushee machine. Of course after a few kid arguments in the shopping cart I had to stop in the Starbuck's in the store and get a Frappuchino to go. What a relaxing way to end the day with some fully loaded caffeine coffee yumminess!

These last twelve days are going to fly by! In two days Miss K will turn 7. On Friday my little girl is a year older. Then on Sunday we are celebrating her party. Then next Friday is my birthday, followed by my mother's 60th birthday (shhhh, I didn't tell you that. she's not taking that age well) and then school starts Monday the 16th.

It's crazy. Life flies by. Can you believe that Christmas is 144 days away? Yeah I know. I heard it on the radio yesterday and I wanted to climb into the radio and smack that DJ. I don't need to stress about that now too! Can we get through Labor Day first? Maybe mention it after Halloween?


Anonymous said...

144 days?? Oh wow.

Your day sounds like so much fun. You have some fun times ahead too. This summer has gone by too fast. Can't believe school starts so soon. :(

Rose said...

Summer is almost over? i still haven't gone on vacation may not be until Nov. great activites with thechildren. they will always have those memories. Take care. Rose

Casey said...

I can't believe school is almost here. It sounds like you have given your children such a wonderful summer. You are such a good mommy!

Asashia said...

What a great way to spend a summer day! I'm here from Mama's Nestwork and wanted to say hello! Now I'm off to go think of how to spend the rest of my afternoon---enjoy yours!

Michelle Pixie said...

My heart just sunk with this Christmas talk!

My kiddos start school next Wednesday and I have no idea where this summer went? Enjoy your last few days! And Happy Birthday to all of you!!

Jinnia Low said...

So glad you're having a great summer! That free bowling is wonderful. Found you through Mama's Little Nestwork - now following you!

Have a great day!