Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out:Enough is Enough

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If you need more info about Pour Your Heart Out, see THIS post.

But, really, it's anything that YOU consider pouring your heart out.

So the bitch is at it again! Excuse my language but right now that is exactly how I feel about her. I know I could be talking about anyone but the person I am referring to is my husband's step mother. She is at her tirades again. Will it ever stop? If you remember a post a few weeks back where I vented about her you will understand.
The first time I met her 17 years ago I was not pleased with the type of person she was. Over time and through the years of dating my husband I never really cared much for her and it didn't matter anyways because we were not related. She is his only his step mother, NOT his mom. Being the evil, psycho that she is, she made my husband's life hell in his teenage years. Wanting his father all to herself she made his house ( the home where my husband lived with his dad) off limits from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. He was NOT allowed to go home. Which left him sleeping in his truck or sneaking into his window when it was too cold to sleep in a vehicle. Cold hearted? You'd think his own father would have given a crap? But when you have a warm body in your bed who cares about your kids? Right? WRONG!
This went on for a few years and finally my husband moved out. A few years later troubled times my husband needed a place to stay. (mind you I am only still dating my husband and I live at home with my parents.) He went home to live with his dad again. Can we say "BIG MISTAKE" Yeah, a few months into it his dad tells him that he's going to have to move out. That he and his stepmom are having personal marriage issues and he doesn't want my hubby around to see the arguing. Okay... Thankfully his mom says he can live with her. (hubs is like 22 years old) So do you think his dad divorces her or has marital problems? NOPE! It was a lie! She had his father lie to my hubby about it because she wanted him out of the house! Really? Seriously?

So a few years later hubby and I get married. I keep my distance from her because I have never liked this vile woman. Then I get pregnant and we're having a baby. She turns clingy. Yuck! Like she wants to be a part of our lives. No thanks. But my husband loves his daddy sooo much he has to be nice to step mom. No thanks.
Fast forward to the night of August 5th when my water breaks. Hubby calls his dad en route to the hospital and says we're on our way there. Guess who shows up at the hospital? My father in law and his wife!! What??!!!!! And they're going to be in my labor room? I was furious! I had to put up with her wine drunken, smoke breath mouth! She drove me insane all evening! I threw them out when it was time to push. No way was I having her or him for that matter in there with my goods hanging out! No thanks!!!!
So after my daughter was born she was more clingy. Trying to be my friend, blah blah blah. I kept my distance. We spent birthdays and holidays visiting them like any other grandparent and I would quietly keep to myself. I couldn't take her up and down mood swings and weirdness. I put up with her whining calls to see if we were coming for dinner at the holidays and enjoyed telling her no it was some one elses turn. I never invited them over to my house for dinners because I really don't like her.
Then she started expecting us to spend Mother's Day with her. She would actually think that we would not spend it with our mothers and go spend it with her at their condo. One year she even made a big stink about it and when my husband told her no she called me. She stalked me down and called me during the day when his dad wasn't around. I got snappy with her when she didn't get the realization that we were not going to be there for her. She got rude and I gave it back to her. I had had enough!
For 6 months I refused to go to his dad's house. If he wanted them to see the kids my husband would take them to go see them. I would not step foot in their house. I would not give that woman the time of day. By Christmas time I caved in and put a smile on my face that year and dealt with her. She has pulled more of her shenanigan's on many more birthdays and holidays since that fateful Mother's Day 2 years ago.
But this time I am DONE with her. I told my husband this. So this weekend was Miss K's birthday party at Fun Spot. Last weekend we had his dad and stepmom over for dinner. I told them the plan for her birthday and nothing was said. Last Thursday she texts me and asks if there is another day they can come over and do gifts. They don't need to be in the heat. please call me I ignored the text and told my husband about it. He said Whatever. I let it go that night. Friday morning I decided to text his father and tell him about the text and ask him if they are indeed not attending my daughter's party. He never replied back but in the afternoon she starts stalking me. Here we go again! I ignore the phone because I was in no mood to deal with her, let alone on the day of my daughter's birthday (friday the 6th) while we are out enjoying her day. Nope! No way was I letting her suck me and deal with her issues then. Then she starts texting me. Really?
I text her back and it turns into a snippy text game. And she's begging me to call her and all these I love you's. ok, psycho woman..please leave me alone!!! Well it ended with a rude text from me telling her that I wasn't going to call her because I was out giving my daughter a fun day on her birthday and didn't feel like talking about whether or not she wanted to stand in the heat at the party. She finished it off with have fun and a little respect next time. Oh she didn't! Respect? Really?
I am an adult and when she shows me, my husband and the fact that we are a married couple with a family respect then we'll see. Of course my husband got dragged into this ordeal and had to speak with his dad about it. By Saturday day it was decided that his step mom was not going to the party and his dad was. Whatever. By Sunday afternoon at the party when his dad was a no show my husband texted him. His dad said that my husband's brother had the gifts they bought for Miss K and that he would talk with him later about why. Another mind game. I am so thrilled. His dad did day that I sent her a very disrespectful text and he was not happy. I know for sure that she is telling his dad half truths. I told my husband if she had just left well enough alone and not started whining and stalking me this would have never come to this. She backed me into a corner and I came out lashing.
So this Saturday my husband is going to have the "talk" with his dad. I don't care what becomes of it. My husband says he is not backing down and will defend my actions. He says and agrees that his step mom is wrong and that his father has no idea. He says he is laying it all out on the table. She is making me out to be the bad guy and maybe I should have handled it differently but after so many years of her crap, I've had enough. I've grown up and realized that I don't have to put up with her nonsense. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tiffany, I'm so sorry girl. She sounds absolutely miserable. I'm sad you have to deal with her. It's good your hubby is going to lay it all out on the table. It's time to get it all out in the open. Good luck girl! xoxo

Casey said...

All I have to say is you go girl! I think it is great your hubby is going to defend you!

Shell said...

She sounds like a real piece of work. Some people like to take things and make them all about them. Yuck!

I hope their talk goes well.

Evonne said...

She definitely sounds like a selfish psycho. I'm sorry you've had to deal with her.

Di said...

Oh man - I thought my MIL was bad but she takes the cake! I'm sorry you have to deal with that and yay for your hubby standing up for you!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

She sounds like a royal bitch. She sounds a lot like my mom-in-law's step mom...not that she even deserves that title. The woman was pure evil and horrible to granddad. I hope that this terrible woman disappears from your life soon!!!