Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fragments #180

Mommy's Idea

I'm Friday Fragging again this week! I've been trying to get back to regular blogging and sometimes I just don't have enough to post or I ramble on and maybe my posts are borrrinng. I kid you not, sometimes I need to try and cut down. I've got to stop getting off track. It happens so easily. Which reminds me of a post my friend Adrienne at Stories from the ShoeBox wrote about with adult ADD.

I finally put on my "big girl" pants and removed some "friends", or used to be friends from my personal Facebook page. I was tired of toxic people that I've talked about more than once. They seemed to be stirring up more drama and I am more grown up than that.

What do you do when your garbage company doesn't pick up the trash? Thanks to some monetary changes, the county changed who picks up our trash. And for two weeks now they haven't come when they should.

A few weeks ago a customer gave me a recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Pie. I finally made it this week and wow, was it good! It tasted more like a cheesey manwich (sloppey joe) pie, but it was a hit with my husband and Miss K. Little E wanted nothing to do with it.

I lost a few pounds this week. Finally!! I've been struggling with ten pounds that came back after quitting the gym last year. Honestly I really wasn't losing much weight going to the gym and eating better.I blame it on being over 30. My SIL nicely told me once, "you"re no spring chicken anymore". Thanks alot.

I'm on a laundry strike this week. I have actually not washed a load all week. I had the kids bring their dirty clothes into the laundry room last night and just stared at them. Not really. I had good intentions of starting washing but I was exhausted from a full week back to work, taking kids to school/dance classes, midweek church, I couldn't face it. How often do you do laundry?


Diane@BeStillAminute said...

I can honestly say that I'm pretty sure our garbage company has never not picked up the garbage.  I would break bad on somebody!  

I do laundry usually when we have nothing left to wear!  

And wait until you hit 40! I can just look at a piece of pie and gain a pound...I kid you not!

Ann in the UP said...

I wish I had found someone like Flylady when I was raising my family.  She says to throw in a load each day, just fitting it into your morning routine.  We don't have that much laundry anymore, but I do two loads twice a week and never have a laundry mess around.  That works well for us. 

Whites in the washer, colored clothes in the basket, nothing on the floor.

Our trash service is very reliable, too.  (Thank goodness!)

unknownmami said...

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is laundry.

Rachael1013 said...

I have laundry everywhere.  It's in a pile clean, in a pile dirty, in the drier, in the washer, in the bedroom.  Ugh!

Kristen said...

Okay, I would definitely get on the phone and cause a stink (yes, pun intended) about your garbage not being picked up when it should be.
As for the laundry, UGH! I feel like I do it constantly. It's like the two least favorite chores.

crazykindofmom said...

Hahaha! I wanted to write that I was going to cause a stink! Those are my two least favorite chores too! Maybe because they are never ending and come daily!

crazykindofmom said...

Oh my goodness! You need a laundry fairy! lol!! I did more laundry again today!

crazykindofmom said...

Me too! I just did three loads today after doing my mountains on Friday, plus I have like two more for tomorrow!

crazykindofmom said...

Flylady? I think I read that in your blog. I like the tip, which I used today. I got up and got two loads done right away. Thanks!

crazykindofmom said...

Oh geez! Well I'll have to remove all food from the house when I hit 40, cause I don't need to gain more weight just looking in the fridge. :)