Thursday, January 5, 2012

WW: It's What's For Dinner

 4.) Your significant others family is coming over in two hours..think about what’s in your kitchen. Now QUICK…what’s for dinner!?!

My husband loves to spring things on me when I'm not prepared. So this might happen to me and I'll be caught with mismatched foods in the house. We might have enough to feed our family of four, but not enough to feed six people. Lucky enough, this week I have extra chicken. Thank goodness for going to BJ's last weekend and getting a good deal on chicken breasts.

I always have plenty of bread crumbs on hand and my kids love provolone sandwiches so we have plenty of provolone cheese in the fridge. Publix, our local supermarket for those of you who don't live in the south, just had spaghetti sauce on sale so we have sauce.

I'll thaw the chicken and pound it for chicken parmesan. I have wheat spaghetti noodles on hand, so those will have to do. I'll serve romaine lettuce with some parmesan cheese and caesar dressing. I prefer to have fresh schredded cheese on top, but with no time to run to the grocery store I'm out of luck. 

And if I wasn't feeling so fat, I would make dessert. But since this is a last minute visit for dinner, they can deal without dessert. 

They're lucky I wasn't serving turkey hot dogs,  wheat mac and cheese and green beans. If this was a week ago, that would be the only thing I had an overage of. 

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Kristen said...

Shoot! I wish I lived close by. I'd be knocking on your door around 6:30 tonight. Sounds so good, I may have to put those things on my list for next week's meals because I am trying my best to plan least until the end of January ;-)

Jdaniel4smom said...

I go to Publix too. I missed the sauce sale. Your meal looks wonderful. Last week I had Christmas leftovers. It would have been a great week to stop by.

crazykindofmom said...

I LOVE homemade chicken parmesan. And you'd be more than welcome to come with the girls to share with us! :) The more the merrier!

dumb mom said...

Yep, pretty sure if my in-laws popped over unexpectedly I wouldn't serve a thing.  They'd have to order pizza along with their son who let's them do crazy things!  Yeah, we have one of "those" situations!

crazykindofmom said...

It was on sale last week, it was Bertolli. My all time favorite sauce, the Italian sausage to be exact.
There's nothing wrong with Christmas leftovers. You can always make Turkey Tetrazini like I did. No one would ever know the meat was a leftover! :)

crazykindofmom said...

Awww, pizza is always good! That is my husband's favorite choice too when there is nothing or when I don't feel like cooking.