Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I went to my little girl's end of the school year
after school program talent show. She and her friends performed
to Who Let the Dogs Out?
After the program I took this photo of her.
I can't believe how much my little girl is growing up.

Every day she is becoming a little lady, getting closer
to becoming that child that doesn't need mommy.
I noticed it today after her group was off the stage.
My mother and I sat and watched the rest of the groups
perform their part. Last year Miss K shyly sat next to us.
This year the seat next to me was empty.
My little girl joined her friends near the bottom
of the stage watching their friends.
My little girl is growing up.
This is bittersweet.



Adrienne said...

today was buggys last day of first grade ...I was so so so sad hmmmm

Unknown said...

I was just talking to my hubby about this. My little girl always wants to help and it always takes 10x longer, but it finally hit day all too soon, she will be out on her I let it take 10x longer and enjoy it. You daughter is sweet!