Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Week One:Friday

Today I took the kids to the beach...
I'm such a prepared packer
but the one thing I forgot was the

Bucket O Sand Pictures, Images and Photos

So I used my iPhone camera.
The weather was gorgeous at the ocean today.
If I had made the decision to go based on the weather at home we would
have stayed in..
Glad I went with my original decision.
The sun was shining bright, the water was about 75 degrees, clear,
with a green/blue color.
The beach water here has never looked so gorgeous.
They kids had an amazing time jumping the surf.
It was fun, relaxing and the best day of this week we've had so far.
I'm truly blessed to be able to enjoy my babies while they are little.
Thank you God for making this happen for us.
You are a mighty God and for the blesses you giveth me I am truly grateful.