Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Two Terrible

It's hilarious how the saying has been "oh it's the terrible two's"
umm sure.
That is not entirely true, at least not in my household. The only part of that phrase that
could be true would be if your child is halfway through his 2nd year.
Because as they closer approach age 3, the terribles start.
Little E my sweet, tender hearted handsome little boy is turning into
a screaming, fit throwing, rebellious stink face.
I am not liking this new change in attitude and it escapes
during lunch and dinner time.
He has decided that he no longer likes his favorite foods.
The tears are flowing from both myself and the little guy but
I am not giving up on trying to rein in on the bad attitude and
hoping to keep my sanity at the same time.
He tries his charm on me with his sweet smile and doe eyes but
I'm not breaking down. My heart might be melting but my momma evil eyes
tell a different story to him.

So I'm hoping once we enter the 3's after his birthday next month that
we'll sail through the toughness and get my sweet boy back.
I am sure that the terrible's can be partly my fault since he is the baby
and when he asks me to pick up his 35 lbs I oblige.
I cannot resist his sweet words "you carry me", "you carry me mommy"
Who could resist?
So it's hard to be firm about the eating when I give in
at other times. I'm a softy for my little man and his requests.
He's momma's boy.


We 2 Bees said...

Those little boys do have their momma's heart, but keep staying strong. They won't ever be the same sweet little boy but they grow into something better. They do give the most adorable smiles and hugs and love. Bumble is entering "let's test the momma stage." And Super is now the indepentent, big boy who can still gives the sweetest comments!
This too shall pass!

Tylaine said...

What an adorable picture!
Oh I soso know what you mean! My daughter finished the terrible threes and is now going through the horrendous four's :) I'm hoping my sweet little Emma might bypass them but even now I can see the drama queen coming through. The movie Angels and Demons should of been about a bunch of 3-6 yr.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

aaahhh what a handsome boy you have there!!

I have a 20 month old girl and she is definitely in the terrible...more like trying for me... twos!!