Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Fragments:92

Mommy's Idea

Join Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments you know all of the little things that don't need a whole post but they are certainly note worthy... Well they have a place!

Little E has found a new favorite book, The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown (the author of the infamous Goodnight Moon) and he has insisted I read it every night. When I get to part where the bunny turns into a little sailboat, E tells me that he's going to drive the sailboat and I get to ride in the back. Wow. Lucky me. Tonight he added that I would get to ride in the back and get buckled in. I love little imaginations.

I waited until the last minute to develop more photos of my sweet Miss K for my scrap booking day on Saturday. You can't ever have enough photos. After uploading 180 photos through Shutterfly and transferred the developing to Target my bill is $34.00!! That's what I get for waiting.

I bought some fabulous throw pillows for my couch. They're so comfortable that the kids want to constantly lay all over them. So comfortable that Little E wanted to take one in the car the other morning on the ride to school.

Feeling horribly about canceling dinner plans with my BIL and putting Miss K in tears, I took both kids to the mall and we went into Build A Bear. Miss K got her second animal, a Jack Russell Terrier and Little E built a bear. He really wasn't that into it. He enjoyed the fluff. I have never done something like that. I hope that I never have to again.

I can't wait until Sunday. I am going shopping at Target to start organizing my computer room. I want to rearrange my crafts, supplies and computer desk. I need to make more room for more craft supplies since I will be staying home now. I love to organize.

Do kids really ever get the concept of time? I told my daughter on the last day of school she could bring her Barbie ballerina. Today she says, "Isn't today the last day of school? " I told her yes, for this week. Which the conversation turned into a 5 minute explanation. I LOVE mornings.



clew said...

I had a scrapping day last Saturday. Don't you love it?

LOL @ the last day scenario. My boy asks me to explain certain words all the time - words you know but can't think of how to define. Makes me feel so dumb!

FriFrag hopping. Have a great weekend!

Kori said...

My little guy still doesn't get it either; he has no idea what time means, which is actually kind of sweet, you know?

Momma Such said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great weekend! :)