Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday- Tooth Fairy

It's Monday evening and all day I did not keep thinking about my blog. It does not consume my day and render me helpless if I don't get to check on it. I am not that addicted to my blog. Nope, not me! Being without my laptop (since it is broken) has left me to get on tonight and get to do my Not Me! Monday! After reading what I didn't do this week and if it's not too late, head over to MckMama's and see what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not take my daughter to the dentist last Monday to have two of her baby teeth pulled out. I did not smash her finger in the bathroom at the dentist's office when she asked me to come in there with her to remove the bloody gauze from her mouth. Not me!!I am more careful than that.
I did not carry all 55lbs of her to my truck after hurting her finger and attempt to reason with her when she asked to sit in the front seat next to me.

I did not send her to my brother's house the same day to stay for 4 days during spring break. I would never let my 6 year old go away for that many days without me being there. I did not make her wait to get money from the tooth fairy for her teeth until she got back on Friday. Nope, not me!

Miss Kay did not lose another tooth Friday night when she got home after wiggling it for 3 days while she was away. I did not remember at 7:00am Saturday morning that the Tooth Fairy "forgot" to give Miss Kay money. Nope, not me!I always remember to get the teeth from her pillow. I did not freak out and have the hubby sneak into her room and do the switcharoo right then. I would never attempt a close call. ( it's better than trying to explain why the tooth fairy forgot, been there, done that. )

Hopefully this week will be a better week. The kids are back to school and Miss Kay is not scheduled for any more teeth pulling until next month.



We 2 Bee's said...

Teeth pulling... oh that doesn't sound fun! The tooth fairy has gotten one time here too. Darn tooth fairy, maybe we should fire them! :-) How fun that she spent some time away with her cousins. I don't know if I could do that.