Monday, April 26, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

This morning as I was pulling away from dropping off Miss K I passed the backyard of a house and Little E asked me what he was looking at. "What's that mommy?" , passing a large white tank.
Turning my head and looking in the side mirror "Are you talking about that big tank?" Little E answered "Yes. What is that?"
I answered him "That's a propane tank. Can you say propane tank?"Little E "Protank tank"
I corrected him "No. Say P R O"
Little E repeated me "Pro" Then I said "Pane" and Little E repeated "Pane" Then I told him to put the two words together and say the whole phrase "Pro pane tank". Little E repeated the phrase "pro pane tank"
I said " good job buddy".
Then the conversation continued in the back seat. " Mommy", Little E trying to get my attention. "Yes, E?" I asked.
He says "mommy say gas station. okay?" "Gas" and he pauses "then station" he tells me.
"Oh ok, gas station" I repeated. Then he said " good job mommy". I beamed from the front seat. How cute that he wanted to turn the lesson back on me. I love that little boy.