Thursday, April 22, 2010


UPDATE to Wednesday's Pour Your Heart Out

I went to the Worship Committee meeting tonight. One of the topics that was being discussed was the incident with Little E being bitten. I have been stressing over this for about a week and subconsciously my mind would not stop with this issue. I have been losing sleep over it and couldn't control that. I was a mess about it today so much that my stomach was in knots and hurting from the stress.
What a relief to have been there to lay my concerns on the table. I'm not sure if I could have handled another evening of the unknown. I was nervous through the beginning of the meeting while looking at the outline. We had to discuss some old business and maybe it was good. I was able to get my mind off the Nursery Incident as it was written on the outline. When it came to that part, Margy looks at me and asks me if this has been handled and things taken care of now.

I was sweating, shaking and nervous. I told them that I was not satisfied with the amswers from the staff in the nursery and that until our church hires an attendant of our own that Little E will NOT be going in there. I do not trust the staff in there to watch my son. PERIOD. I calmly explained my doubts and that we need our own nursery attendant. I then drove the point home when I said, "If the CLS was not here providing nursery personnel than what would we do to provide care for our children? We would HAVE to hire some one." And Margy agreed. I said that we need to have some one from our church or that our church hires in there.

One person from our church was suggested to fill that position and they will be asking her. I am praying that she accepts because if she does not, I am not sure how many weeks my husband will deal with our little guy in the pew with us. ( walking out during church service to go to the car is not a great idea) So pray for us that this works out and the lady in question accepts this responsibility. I'll keep you all updated. And many thanks to those of you who offered your advice and concerns on my PINT post. God bless.