Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?

I found the most amazing OB/GYN thanks to my best friend!! Her OB used to have his own practice and recently decided that he was going to close up shop and partner with the practice that I go to. I was due for my annual, well you know...the wonderful pap smear and check your cervix and I scheduled it with DR. B.

I arrived at the office last Thursday morning (thankfully, my BF watched Little E. I didn't need a 3 1/2 year old asking "what's that mommy? What's he doing mommy?" It's bad enough without kids in tow) and had to fill out my 2 1/2 pages of paperwork. As if anything has changed in the last year since my last check up?? I was sitting in the waiting room and looked up to see this guy in blue scrubs standing by the receptionist desk. My first reaction was " is that the new doctor? I hope it's not." Haha!

So after getting called by the nurse, doing my most unfavorite part of getting on the scale for weight, blech! and peeing in that tiny cup without getting any on your hand I'm sitting in the exam room in a drab blue gown, open in the front, and a paper skirt hugging my thighs. Knock, knock!

The doctor walks in and it's the guy I saw earlier. So he IS the new doctor. And then all my fears went right out the door, when he talks to me in this cool British accent and he is friendly as sweet homemade pie! He shakes my hand, introduces himself and since he doesn't know me he reads over my chart. He questions me about my medical history and we talk about the medicines I am taking.

Aside from my annual well woman visit, Dr. B talked to me about other issues that I have been having with muscle pain, headaches and why I need to take antidepressants. He said that yes he is an OB/GYN but all doctors are General Practitioners and that they treat the body. He asked me about my psoriasis on my hand that I haven't been able to get under control since being pregnant with Little E and offered some solutions. He also said I should look into other options besides medicines with my stress.

I wish this doctor was not just an OB/GYN!! Can he be my Primary Care doctor!!?? I LOVE HIM! He offered some advice about dealing with my stress and I tried his suggestion tonight. He said to go for a 10 minute run without the kids and leave them with daddy. It was amazing! He told me "when mom is happy, everyone is happy." He is so right.

I'm looking forward to my next visit.