Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sea World trip 02/19

We took the kids to Sea World on Saturday
It's so nice to have annual passes so we don't have to rush in
and rush around the park to see EVERYTHING
in one day. We took our time seeing the shows that we wanted
playing a few games while daddy rode the Manta. (Miss K was still not tall enough)
Little E LOVED the shark encounter and checking out the manta rays.
This was the first time we took the kids to feed the sting and manta rays
they LOVED it!

Miss K looks so funny. She was telling me about the games and
trying to win the stuffed animals

Riding down the conveyer through thee Shark Encounter tube

Sea World has changed how you feed the dolphins and it's
a much better experience. We had a great time!

My two sweeties waiting for mommy
Daddy took a great pic!


Megan said...

So fun! We love going to Sea World....unfortunately our closest one is 600 miles away :(