Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writer's Workshop- This Woman's Worth

I am sure I have said this or written this before but I fully
believe that God puts you in places that he wants you
in and with the free will he has given us we choose where to
go from there. We might not recognize it right away
maybe even after we don't pass the test.
So this morning I am click into Mama Kat's and found
a prompt that is exactly what was on my mind.
What is the message that God is conveying to me?

Mama's Losin' It

The Prompt I chose or was led to today was

2.) You’re not always right…no you’re not…no you’re not…no you’re not….tell us about a time you were wrong.

I am not always right, even if I swear and be damned that I think I am right, I still could be wrong. Number one thing is, I don't like to be wrong. It's one of my downfalls and I'll admit it but usually after it's too late. I'm not perfect and I know that, because NO ONE is perfect. We all strive to be like Jesus, our Christ and Saviour but we fall short. We are sinners.

I was wrong yesterday in posting my PYHO. I probably should have waited to post such a post for a later date once I had cleared my thoughts and feelings. I chalk this up as another learning experience because I have no choice but to reflect on where I stand now. The Lord has given me this time to think and pray about what actions I took in the heat of the moment. I should know better than to react when my emotions are raw. My emotions get in the way of my brain and I don't think clearly.

I'm not going to solely blame this on my chemical problems and having to depend on medicine to control my anger, stress and emotions but it's partly to blame. I'm lapsing and the meds aren't working like they should. I find myself getting irritated again and getting upset over stupid crap.

But honestly, I was hurt and sad about the situation with my friend and I can't apologize for being upset. But I should have left it at that and confronted the situation differently. I handled the problem callously and I was wrong. I forget that not everyone is like me. I told my husband that I blame my way of dealing with situations is more like a man than a woman sometimes, one of my downfalls to growing up a tomboy who had more guy friends than girls. I'm still learning how to be a woman's friend without causing strife.

Men get mad, make accusations and argue, then they're done. They make up and the fight is done. Women do not. They argue, it festers, they get hurt, they hold grudges and when it's all said and done it's too late. Me, I'm like a combination. I get all upset, I hash it out and then I want to make up and it be all better.

I don't like being wrong but I can't always be right.


C.Mom said...

I am with you on not liking being wrong. And I tend to do the same as far as my reactions...I react in the moment, right away. Letting it fester only makes things worse for me. I guess the important part comes in how you deal with the aftermath. And meds that aren't working, those are absolutely relevant! It makes everything ten times harder! Hugs!

Anne said...

Visiting from Mama Kat's! I don't like to be wrong either! But I don't think we can be wrong about our feelings, just our reactions. You're so right about women holding onto their anger and forming a grudge. I wish I had the ability to fight about it and be done -like the men do!

Shell said...

Did the person you were writing about read it?

Carrie said...

I hate being wrong...but then, don't we all? The hardest part is of course admitting it.

Visiting from Mama Kat's

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth I don't think you were in any way wrong on what you said yesterday. I don't know what or if anything happened but you were pouring your heart out, like the meme is titled. I'm here for you friend. xoxo