Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Already?

I can't believe that it's time to pack away the winter clothing already. I was wearing capris, flip flops and short sleeved shirts all weekend. We have been reaching the high 70's this weekend and this week the temperatures will reach the 80 degree mark. I'm happy to see the frigid weather gone, since my hands can't handle much more cold weather with my psoriasis, but I'd enjoy some cooler weather a little longer.
I just found the best fitting jeans to wear this year and I'm not ready to pack them up. But in Florida, you really don't have much choice but to break down and wear shorts or capris when it gets hot. The weather is so muggy and humid, you'll sweat to death if you venture out in full jeans.
I can't believe that it's already feeling like a late spring here. So goodbye sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and jeans.

Time to pull out the jeans shorts and jean capris. Time to go shopping again to find some new shorts since my selection has seen it's better days. Ugh. Clothing shopping is not my favorite thing to do. I hate shopping when I can't find clothes that fit right or look good. Jeans cover it all up!


Anonymous said...

My boys try to wear chacos in 30 degree weather! LOL They love their sandals! They hate wearing coats, too. These are battle-ground issues for us! However, usually bitter cold ultimately wins and I don't have to say a word.

Shell said...

So excited that it's almost spring!