Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 02/28

Last week's Slow Cooker beef stew was a success! It turned out really good, the meat was so soft and tender and everyone enjoyed eating it. My hubby and Miss K used sour cream in theirs and I, the mayonnaise junkie used mayo on my meat.
My previously frozen beefaroni was pretty good, but made a mental note to make sure to cook the noodles a little less for next time when freezing. They were al dente for freezing but after I reheated this dish in the oven, the noodles were bit soft for my liking.
I never got to make my Rice a Roni and beef since we changed plans and ate dinner with my friends. We may use that as a quick dish for this week if need be.

This week I bought my groceries ahead of time instead of planning out my meals and then buying the ingredients. I had extra chicken, pasta and vegetables from buying sale items and BOGO's a few weeks in a row so I was able to grab the necessities and come up with our menu this week. I left off Saturday and Sunday since we usually try to shop on Friday afternoon and I plan those meals after that trip.
Hope you have a great week!

Monday: Cheater Chicken Pot Pie
Tuesday: Salisbury Steak, baked potatoes, creamed corn
Wednesday: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli and crescent rolls
Thursday:Breakfast for dinner, cinnamon rolls, eggs
Friday: Four Cheese Macaroni, tossed salad, buttermilk biscuits

Won't you join me and The Organizing Junkie and get your meal plan done?


mark.-Makeup,Beauty,Fun said...

Now Following You From Mama's Little Nestwork! Would love if you could stop by:

Shell said...

The four cheese macaroni sounds really good!

Caren with a "C" said...

Great idea for posts. Visiting from SITS cocktail after party.