Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who needs a housekeeper?

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I have been busy as a bee lately. I found my inner cleaning drive after reading a new blog that I'm following about being organized. I love to be inspired and after reading a few of her followers posts ad her 52 weeks of organizing, I was on board! I printed out her layout for the 52 week list and started filling up the weeks with projects that I have put off for weeks, months and years. This year I have decided to be my clutter free year!
I tackled my linen closet in the family room, removing junk that was stored in shoe boxes! I actually had potpurri in there! ha! I threw it all out. I have long since moved onto candles from Partylite and Scentsy. I organized our board games and cards, threw out more junk and organized my overstock of food that doesn't fit in my pantry. I finally have the cans, paper plates, napkins, crackers and cereals visible when I need to find them.
I also deep cleaned my kitchen. I have vaulted ceilings and the kitchen cabinets do not go all the way up so I can decorate on top of them. It had become too hodge podge for me and it was time to re evaluate what look I wanted up there. I got out my vacuum, cleaned out the dust, wiped everything down, scrubbed the cabinet tops and rearranged the wine bottles, ceramic pots, jars and plates I have on display. It looks so good that I kept walking back into the kitchen the rest of the evening admiring my work.
I love how good it feels to remove clutter and deep clean. My next project is draw out blue prints for the kids closets. I have a friend who knows a guy who builds cabinets and I want wood cabinet storage built into their closets. I have so much wasted space in them and need places for sweaters, shoes, blankets and toys. I really can't wait to get their "space" organized.
I'm not done yet, because I have the rest of the year to do this. This is only scratching at the surface. I will post pictures when I remember to take my before photos. haha. I didn't remember to so it wouldn't be much fun to post the after ones.