Monday, February 21, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 02/21

Last week was almost a success in following my meal plan but I forgot
to check cooking times on recipes that I chose and my Teriyaki
chicken recipe required 30 minutes prep time and 90 minutes cook time.
I planned it for Tuesday night which was not going to be acceptable since it would
put the family eating at 7-7:30. So we picked up a box of fried chicken and some
bread rolls and fixed the rest of the meal.
I switched recipes on my Teriyaki Chicken and found
a slow cooker one I liked better.
I substituted Chicken Breast for the thighs.
Tip: DO NOT use breast meat instead of dark meat.
The larger chunks were dry and it didn't have the flavor that
dark meat does.

Monday: Slow Cooker beef stew, garlic bread and salad
Tuesday: Spaghetti Carbonara with tossed salad
Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff, baby peas and crescent rolls
Thursday:Beef a Roni (previously frozen) , steamed broccoli and garlic bread
Friday: Beef and Rice a Roni Spanish Rice with diced tomatoes
Saturday: always a toss up


Anonymous said...

Found you through Mama's Little Nestwork, Stopping by to say Hello :-)