Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Follow Feature

Hello there fellow bloggers! My name is Tiffany and I'd like to introduce you to my blog My Crazy Kind of Wonderful, because really?! who's life isn't just a little crazy and wonderful all wrapped up each and everyday? My inspiration for my crazy, wonderful life stories is my hubs whom I have been in a relationship with for 17 years and married for 9 and our two blessings Miss K who is 6 and Little E who is 2. If I can't find something chaotic and crazy to inspire me to write about with that bunch how about my house full of animals! ? We've got the dogs, the cat, the bird and even a tank full of fish!
I blog about my love for my kids, my passion about taking photos of them on a daily basis, my life experiences about trying to be a better Christian, mother, wife, daughter and friend. I spill my heart out about my trials in motherhood, friendships, family struggles and the chaos in between. I originally wanted to showcase some of my favorite posts but I had a change of heart and decided to write a new one just for all of you!


I never imagined that my blogging would turn into what it's become. In high school I took journalism with the intentions of working on a magazine or newspaper writing articles and editing layouts. I enjoyed the design of the pages more than the writing articles. I think what made me decide to not pursue writing in journalism was college English class when I wrote my first paper. I thought that I could pull off this awesome paper about killer whales: my favorite sea animal, and I got a D. I worked so hard on that paper and got a horrible grade. My brother told me that I had good information but my content jumped around too much. My ideas flitted around on paper.

My mind is always racing and coming up with ideas and I can't seem to keep them organized enough to keep the paragraphs making sense. The exact same way I write now.

So blogging is my outlet for my writing. I LOVE to write and when people, my blog friends, comment and like what you write it is so rewarding.

But My Crazy Kind of Wonderful was not born for the intentions of writing, not at first. I enjoy posting about my family, mostly Miss K my sassy, drama queen daughter and Little E my adventurous, brave little boy. They are the reason I started blogging even when I tried writing a few quirky posts but when you have a handful of people reading what you write, you find yourself not writing often enough.

So I started surfing through my followers followers and found some great blogs to read. My favorite part about blogging is when I discover a great article and I don't follow that blog at first and then I come across that blog again and I know it was meant to be. That for some reason I am supposed to connect with with them and read what they have to say. I love those connections you make with other bloggers.

I have to thank several blogs for opening me up though and I won't name names but they are the ones who got me writing. They are the ones I frequent on a daily basis, who give me great ideas to write about and inspire my writing flame.

I've learned along the way to write what you know and you'll always have something to say. If you're writing from your heart and have full knowledge of what you're talking about some one is going to read it and hopefully take something from it.


Rose said...

very well said about your blog and your direction into this world. look forward in reading your posts. have a good night.