Thursday, July 22, 2010

Venti, Please

I found this really cute blog carnival over at my friend Stef's blog
Layton Family Joy.
I love my coffee and I'm such a random
thinker which makes this blog carnival
hosted by Under Grace and Over Coffee
a perfect Friday link up.

I've been trying to keep it together this week and I've been so stressed. I work only
eight hours a week, 4 on Tuesday and 4 on Thursday and I'm home
with the kids the rest of the week. I think working full time I was more relaxed about
VBS than this year.
It didn't help that today was not going very well. I don't like to be a
complainer but this day was one of "those" days.
It started Wednesday night.
Last night on the way home I stopped at Target to get kitten food. They did not
have my regular brand of Purina ONE so I got the expensive Iams.
While I was buying the food, Miss K used the restroom near the Pharmacy.
Right before I pull down my road Miss K tells me that she left her
bracelet in the bathroom. Yay! And this is 9:45 at night, Target closes at 10.
I called and they find the bracelet and tell me they will put it in the
Lost and Found and we can pick it up the next day.
After getting home with the kitten food I poured the food into the
This morning I get up late, the kids are giving me a hard time and
the coffee is cold. Which I have to microwave..
I start feeding the animals and go to pour kittie's food and the lid pops off
and my whole bag of food dumps on the laundry room floor!!
I salvage what I can and dump the rest that is mixed with cat litter on the floor.
When I finally get the kids out of the house I drop
Little E's cup and spill his milk all over the place!
After leaving work I decide to take the van to get it washed.
BIG mistake.
I use a car wash that I never use and it rips the flashing from the
underside of the van but I don't realize it until I'm about 300 feet from
the place. I pull over to see what the noise was and cannot remove
the plastic because I don't have tools!
It's like 300 degrees outside, I'm stuck on the side of the road, melting and
I have to call my dad to help me.
After removing this piece I head to Honda to set up an
appointment to have it replaced on my van.
I head to VBS in a rush hoping to enjoy the kids.
I wish I had skipped. The kids were HORRIBLE!
We actually had to give time outs to kids at bible school!
I felt like a babysitter tonight.
It was the icing on the cake.
No wait! The worst was yet to come.
Little E missed his nap today and fell asleep after
daddy picked him up. Daddy puts him to bed and he
wakes up when I get home at 9:30.
Can we say I'm glad Friday is here and the weekend is near.
I need a LARGE cup of strong coffee.
Venti, please.