Monday, July 12, 2010

Let The Blessings Flow

holy experience

I have been journaling my thoughts and now I'm linking up with Ann VosKamp's Holy Experience and joining with other ladies and their thankful thoughts.
This is my first time and starting form the beginning and in no particular order.

1. I am so grateful that my husband works so hard so I have the luxury to stay home with our children and raise them without daycare.

2. I love enjoying the laughter of my children when they are able to let loose, scream, giggle and run off steam in a playground.

3. I am thankful that my children are curious and inquisitive and are full of questions for me to teach them.

4. I was reminded that material items are not that important and who cares if the shoes are dirty and have a tear in them. They are just shoes as my daughter reminded me. I have to remember to not sweat the small stuff.

5. I worry that I over spoil my children and realized that my daughter has no idea what she wants for her birthday this year. Last year she wanted useless toys and I chalked it up to too much tv and commercials for toys. This year we have cut mindless tv watching and only allow educational programs and cartoons and it's paying off.

6. I am thankful for the guidance of God and pray daily for those to hear his word.

7. I prefer to give thanks for my blessings and ask for forgiveness in my shortcomings in Sunday prayer than ask for prayers for myself.

8. I am thankful for the compliments that others give me when I am unsure.

9. I am grateful for the sun that shines down on my children when they want to play outside.

10. I am grateful for the quiet in the evenings when my husband and I can enjoy each other's company like we used to before starting a family.

11. I am thankful that after many long years without a close friend God gave me some really good ones.

12. I can't get enough of my tender hearted, loving little boy. He still has my heart and hasn't given it back.

13. I have this way of letting small furry animals sneak into my heart and let my kids enjoy the life with animals. We just added another kitten to the family.

14. The laughter when my children are just being silly.