Thursday, July 15, 2010

Texas Style!

Celebrating His 3rd Birthday

Sorry this photo is hard to make out the hubs took this with his Iphone and ruined the quality
Last night we took Little E out to dinner for
his Birthday.
We took him to Texas Roadhouse our local steak place
The kids enjoy eating their yeast rolls and actually
eat the food from the kids menu.
The best part when it's your birthday, the servers come clapping
and singing to ya and you get to climb up on a real western saddle and
yell YEA HAW!!!
Miss K told our friendly waiter that it was Little E's Birthday.
Within minutes they came clapping and singing to our table.
Being the shy boy he is lately, Little E covered his face
as he rode the saddle.
It was a great evening!


Tylaine said...

How fun! and I like the photo :) Looks like its from the 20th century like at a
Hope Little E had a great birthday!

Jenn said...

I LOVE Texas Roadhouse! It's one of my favorite places because you can have a good steak and not break the bank! :)

Lift Like A Mom said...

How fun!! And that's a cute picture!

Mama Hen said...

A huge happy birthday to Little E! It looks like you had fun! I love when the servers come out clapping and singing! What a great celebration! Happy birthday!

Mama Hen

Shelby Bukhenik said...

haha so fun!

Unknown said... fun

Life Without Pink said...

That is actually a really cool looking photo. Awe 3 where the fun all begins! haha Looks like a great time!

Rose said...

sounds like a good place to eat. must check it out. happy birthday Littlt E