Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out: Venom

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Sometimes I let my bad side escape myself. I get to that breaking point when something just rubs me the wrong way and my blood really boils. I spew foul language and curse about whatever it is that has irritated me. This is the last straw and I am tired of trying. I have finally hit my breaking point when it comes to how my brother and his wife had been.

I recently wrote a post about some family complaining. I have asked my sister in law if they would be coming to the party. She has not been solid on her answers and has beaten around the bush. I finally went to the horses mouth (my brother) and asked him if they would be here. He acted as if his wife had never brought the subject up to him. I am not surprised. Her exact way of handling things is to put the excuse off on him but not really ask him. Then make the decision without his input.
The same way she handles everything when it comes to OUR ( my brothers, my parents)family.

Why not!!?

It's not important to her.

So today I was talking about Little E's party with my parents and it came up about my brother.

My dad tells me they will not be coming. OH REALLLLY??

I asked him who told him this tidbit of information. Of course my brother tells my dad that they will "probably not" be there. And why would he tell our father? Is he the one throwing the party? no!! Seriously?
My sister in law could have called me herself. We used to talk everyday on the phone when I was working. She could have the decency to call me and tell me her pathetic excuse. That is all it is. How many times did my husband and I drive to their house for my niece and nephew's parties?

Does she forget the party I came to for her son when I was soo sick and thought I was possibly miscarrying Little E?? Of course not!

She is again only thinking of herself. What is the reason? What is more important than family?
Well the way I look at it, is that family will screw you first. They figure since they're family that they can treat you like crap and you will forgive them. Not this time.

I remember a same brother who wrote the nastiest, hateful email to me and my parents 4 years ago when we did not attend his daughter's soccer tournament. I really would like to pay him back with the same respect he gave me then. I was soo pissed off today that I cannot wait for my opportunity to give them the same treatment.

I know it's not the Christian attitude to have and I know I will never write an email to him. But in my category of people in my life. They have hit an all time low.

I was so infuriated with learning this news from my dad that I couldn't help myself and I got pretty mad. I let it consume me for at least an hour or longer. I kept mulling it over and over. I just couldn't get over the audacity of my brother telling my dad!

My husband was sad for Little E about part of my family not being there. I'm not going to make a big deal about it around my son. They are not what is important. I don't even want to call them. I hope that none of them call Little E tomorrow. Because at this point they should either show their face at the party or not bother.

Wednesday is his birthday and we are celebrating it family style! Then this weekend we will be having the BIG party.


fojoy said...

I feel for you - my PYHO last week was about my family's neglect in attending my niece's 21 birthday/housewarming party.
Sometimes family just sucks.

Brittney said...

my family is like this too and im sorry they are doing that to little E. And you are right family usually is the first ones that will hurt you the most (hugs) hope ur baby has a great bday with or without them

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry girl. That really sucks. I don't blame you for being mad. If your brother and his wife are acting like that, you don't want them there anyway. You and your little E will have a great time for sure! Happy birthday to your little man. :) xoxo

We 2 Bees said...

Man oh man! Again.
Family is hard some days!
I'm so sorry!
I am wishing Little E a great birthday and lots of love! Just celebrate your little guy!

Rose said...

sorry about your situation with your brother and wife. they should have told you directly about themm not being involved in comming to a party. this would bother me.

Shell said...

Family SUCKS sometimes. Mine is like this- I'm expected to be there for every little thing, but it's okay for them to blow off the important stuff for my kids. Drives me crazy.

Thanks for linking up and I hope your guy has a fantastic birthday!

Angie said...

My husbands parents do the same thing. We invite them to the boys b-day parties every year and they honestly never come. And they only live 10 minutes from us. =(

It hurts me and my husband the most - I don't think my kids even realize it.

I am sorry they are neglectful to you and your family.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Sounds very similar to some issues I am having with my brother and his girlfriend. It's VERY frustrating!

Tylaine said...

I'm so sorry Tiffany. Family can really suck! I think what you said rings partly true--that just cause they're family they think they can do whatever they want and you'll just forgive. I certainly don't condone holding a grudge (even though I'm certainly not a good example :)) but I do understand some things can really make you mad.
I hope little E has a wonderful birthday. I'd sure be there if I could. :)

Buffee said...

Family problems are always hard. I have a brother and sister-in-law like that. I think everyone does, unless they're an only child!

I hope little E has a great birthday party!