Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Parade

This is my first Blog Parade that I have participated in. Thanks to Abigail at Rear Window for starting this.

1. What's your favorite time of the day, and why? Before the kids bedtime after their baths. I enjoy getting each of them dressed in their pj's and snuggled into their beds. The best part about it besides the fact that they are winding down to go to sleep is reading them a bedtime story. Little E asks me to read him the book and then he likes to try to read it back to me. It's the best time of the day because each of my children get undivided attention from me.

2. If health wasn't an issue, what food could you live off of? bacon, egg and cheese bagels from McDonald's. I LOVE that morsel of food for breakfast. But they are extremely fattening and I must avoid eating them. Once in a blue moon will you find me indulging in one.

3. If you could have one wish granted (besides wishing for more wishes), what would it be? That I was very wealthy. Money may not buy happiness but it can provide security, stability and pride.

4. What's one thing that you get teased about a lot? My obsessive compulsive personality. I cannot leave the house without picking up and having it in a neatly order. My friends tease me about my house being so clean. They ask why I have to clean it when it already looks immaculate. If I didn't clean it so much then it wouldn't be clean now would it? Silly question.

5. If you could choose one movie, book, or TV show to spend your life in, which would you pick? What type of character would you be? I would pick FRIENDS. I never got the experience of living alone and how fun would it be to live in an apartment building with amazing friends? I would be Rachel. She was fun, good looking (ok she was gorgeous) everyone wanted to be her friend and she was smart.

6. If you could have one talent that you don't already have, what would it be? To know how to crochet. My grandmother used to do this and I have several blankets she made for me when I was little. I wish I knew how to do this and she would have taught me how to. It seems like soothing past time.
7.If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? The theme song from National Lampoon's Vacation is playing in my mind while I type this. haha!! Anyways...seriously...I would take the kids and hubby on a European vacation. I would visit France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Czechoslovakia and England. It has been my all time dream to go there.

8. If you were an awesome singer, which genre would you sing? Christian Rock. As a sister in Christ I would want to spread the word of our Savior Jesus.

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, what would it be? Lowe's . I thought long and hard about this one. Because I could have said Target because I love to shop there, but I don't buy EVERYTHING for my kids there. It would be hard to have a spree. But I LOVE home improvements and gardening is becoming my new found hobby. I would remodel the inside of my house and improve the yard around my house.

10. If you could live in any point in time, when would it be? I would have loved the Victorian Era. If only I were royalty though or wealthy. Wouldn't it have been so grand to ride around in horse drawn carriages and go to balls were everyone was dressed so fancy. People spoke so eloquently and polite with "yes, ma'am's" and curtsies.

11. If every outfit in your wardrobe had to be one color, what would it be? BLUE!!!

12. If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?
(Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, or Dopey)
I would have to choose Happy. Cartoons are supposed to make you feel like a child again and they should be happy!

13. What's the last album you listened to? Counting Crows

14. What's something we'd be surprised to know about you? That I really have a soft heart and I honestly love being a do-gooder. I love the rush you get when you know you did something good to help some one out.



The Pipster said...

Hi Tiffany, what a great idea for a blog post. Very cool that you are a home improvement person - I wish I had that knack.

Stephanie said...

Ha - I am sort of obsessed about cleaning my house too! I've had to learn to focus on my kids and realize it's OK if it's not spotless as long as they are happy and content. Glad to "meet" you!

Jenny said...

ooo Friends I forgot about that show. I was so bummed when it went off the air.

I am a little obsessive compulsive about cleaning too.

We 2 B's said...

You crack me up! Although I think you would be Monica then right because of the cleaning!

I have wanted to go on a Europe trip as well! Although right now I'm afraid to travel anywhere and I don't know why.

And I totally LOL when I read Lowes because I would totally pick that as well right now. I have so many home projects that I want to do!

G-Zell said...

Happy Blog parade!

you are the second one the said lowe's.. I am totally on that one.. I would have said target LOL but the lowe's would help me finish my dream closet LOL

Friends I have all the seasons on dvd.. I know I got a problem

Have a great week

September said...

Hi Tiffany~

Enjoyed this post on your blog parade! I am behind on visiting other blogs, but no better time than the present!
Your blog is fun to read.. and I am now thinking that perhaps I should have written Lowe's also!
Had fun stopping by here- looking forward to reading more!