Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not stand in the kitchen looking at the computer, while waiting for MckMama to post a Not Me! Monday giveaway last Monday and ignore my laundry. And when the doorbell rang I did not continue to try and link up my post and ignore it. I am not that obsessed!

I did not convince my husband at 2am that it would be in his best interest to take the puppy to go out to potty when she woke up in her kennel whining. Then offer to go on sit on the porch and watch but lay in the bed anyways. Not me!! I would never stoop that low.

I did not take my son to the potty 4 times before and during the wait for lunch at a restaurant. Then make my husband take him for the 5th time after our food was served. I would not shove off our son when we both wanted to eat. Nope not me!Italic
I did not lay in bed last night texting a friend and when she texted "call me" text back " I'm in bed" and continue to text a conversation for 5 more minutes when I could have called her anyways. Nope, that was not me!

I did not try to get on my blog from my iPhone yesterday and forget my password. I did not attempt to retrieve the password through my email and log off the screen on blogger. When I was able to get to a computer I did not get extremely upset when Google's email to me said it would take up to 2 days to resolve the issue. I am not that addicted to my blog. well..aren't we not all?

What have you NOT been doing all week? This Not Me! blog carnival was started by MckMama over at .



Adrienne said...

my son used to do this every time right when the food arrives..."I have to pee" what really ok go so finally I am like you pee before we start eating or you hold it because you are 7 now and know better =)

x said...

I did hit my snooze button three times this morning and miss my morning workout as a result. Not me!

Julia Ladewski said...

ha! i've done something like that, waiting for the not me post to go up!

regarding your blog's mission statement... what is your blog currently about and where do you want it to go?

my blog started as family blog and is now a working mommy, raising kids, parenting, family blog. one wonderful blogger asked me, when i was trying to figure out my mission statement, she said, "Name one thing right now you want from your blog - and you can't say traffic, readers, sponsors..."

that's what helped me get started

Amanda said...

LOL Love your blog. I'm following you now.