Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Degrees of Blogging 03/27/10

Oh happy day!! It's Saturday and I am in such a great mood considering I'm sitting at work for the next seven hours. I am so excited to participate in the 2nd week of 6 Degrees of blogging featured at Work, Wife, Mom...Life . If haven't joined this meme head over and check out the rules and link up. You will enjoy it! It's a great way to "meet" new people.

My Featured Blog for the day:
The Swanson Family
I loved checking out Shannon's blog. She is a SAHM to two children, Ella who is (5) and Samuel who is (2). She loves to knit, sew and photograph. She sews clothes for her sweet little girl Ella and also she sells the same ones on her Etsy site. Her post yesterday featured a few of the recent dresses she has made and they are soo cute! Her little one Samuel reminds me of my little man E. I found a post where she took away his pacifier and it made me think of all the photos I took of my little guy with his paci in his mouth. You should check out this blog because she is such a down to earth mom, I can't wait to read more.


Shannon said...

Thank you for such a wonderful "review"! I was reading through your profile and realized that I could have written that for myself! Seems we have a lot of personality traits in common.

I haven't had the time yet (been busy sewing) to browse through your blog, but I will be adding myself to your followers as well.

Thank you!