Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's what's for dinner


UPDATE: Dinner last night at Denny's was a success! The kids and I had a great time. Only if I didn't have to be done by 6:40
pm and get to the church because as well as having Kids Eat Free Tuesday if you ordered fries or pancakes, they had unlimited refills!! My waist line didn't need that so thankfully I didn't have the time. With the purchase of my meal both kids ate free. Little E chose the mini cheeseburger and fries while Kay picked the chocolate chip pancakes with two sausage links. Glad I picked the Build your own Slam and added pancakes because the child sized pancakes didn't fill up Kay. Maybe I should have ordered my free refill? There's always next time..... So last night's bill....one adult + two children were able to eat for $15.00 with a tip!

So this is my new monthly thing. For now. It could grow. Let me give some background on what made me decide this. I am on the board at my church. As a deacon of the church you are expected to attend board meetings and board meetings are held every other month on the second Tuesday. As if dinners aren't hard enough without adding something else to my evening to take care of. I have to figure out how to feed my two kids before 6:45 and get myself to the church where my husband can pick them up. Well... a month ago I searched on my phone for "Kids Eat Free Tuesday" Well there are A LOT of places. And not just on Tuesday. So..
I will be blogging about our adventures in FREE eating. The kids of course.
For now it will be every other month and if we decide to eat out and get the kids a free meal any other time I will be sure to post about that time too.
This time we will be dining at Denny's. Where the
you can get 2 FREE kids meals with the purchase of 1 adult meal.
You can't beat that.....well maybe you can. But anyways. I'll post the story tomorrow.
This was just an introduction to my new adventure.



Julia said...

i will absolutely help you with your button!!! email me the code you currently have and i'll see where the problem is!!


Anonymous said...

I love kids eat free meals! I just wish they would stop growing so they could still eat free:) Best of luck on your schedule! Believe me, time management is a mom-must have skill!