Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trapped in a Car for 2 Hours-Road Trip

We heading on a road trip today to visit my grandmother. Kay and Little E's great grandma "Grammy". It's almost a two hour trip there with the kids and the hubby. I will have the pleasure of not being the pilot of the SUV but I will be the trip coordinator. Or the tour guide or whatever. I have packed snacks, drinks and the usual items to keep everyone entertained. Let's see what my bag has......
DVD's, DVD player, baby doll, stroller for baby doll, books, crayons, coloring books, sketch boards, matchbox cars, a penny (hmmm Little E must've been helping me) a pencil, Nintendo DS game ( ohhh I better get Kay's games that I packed away or she'll be gameless) and I think we have it all.
I'm sure once we get on the road some one will most surely ask "ARE WE THERE YET?" The dreaded question. The mother of all questions on a road trip. Followed by the statement "Mom, I have to go pee."
So wish me luck that we make it safely there and back home this evening.