Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday 2 For 1

I always say...better late than never. Right? Today was one of those days. I couldn't get anything finished, I was tired and I had my daughter with me at work. Not a very productive day. So here I am trying to catch up and do a couple memes for Friday. I am sooo looking forward to the weekend.
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And for second meme and never too late..

My Little Life

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?
I guess so because I took driver's education in high school and we took our test their and received a certificate to take to the driver's license bureau. After going to the DMV all I was required to do was retake a written test and I was given a license.

2.What is your most embarrassing moment?
I got pretty drunk on one of my friend's birthday outings. It was four couples and a few other friends partying in Daytona that night. We hit 2 clubs and I got pretty smashed. Whoopsie. My husband and I rode in my friend's vehicle that night, the one who's birthday we were celebrating. I suggested stopping at Denny's since in my younger years eating breakfast at 2 am after drinking would sober me up. Yeah, maybe that worked in my 20's but not my 30's. I was a mess and couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

3.What tv show would you like to be on- Oprah, The Biggest Loser or What Not to Wear?

What Not to Wear I think they pay for a new wardrobe or at least a few new outfits to start you out. My wardrobe consists of jeans, jean shorts, cotton tops and capris. I need a fashion make over.

I admit it! Honest.

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?

Oh yes. I want more than one procedure too. I would like some lipo, a tummy tuck and my girls done. I have struggled with weight issues since the 5th grade in elementary school. I want to wear a bikini again before I die. For you fellow breastfeeding moms, you know what I mean about your girls not looking so good after feeding your babies. Most recently I have decided I need a facial or face lift. I'm showing signs of crow's feet, brow creases and furrowed brow area. I'm picky I know and probably will never be able to afford it all, but a girl can dream. Right?

5.What are your favorite jeans to wear?
I love Levi's, the original ones. But I am on the hunt for a new brand because they have discontinued my style.
Any suggestions? I like the heavier jean material, not stretchy material. Low rise, medium length with flare leg. Is that too much to ask??



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