Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear P

Dear Procrastinator,

I wish you would go away. It's not fair that you came for a visit today. Don't you know how you make Friday really hard? I am going to ask nicely this time. Pack your bags and come back when it's summer time. Because I really want to accomplish what needs to get done today. I know that you allowed me some time to get work done today but I hate putting off things. Because before you know it, the clock will strike 5:00 o'clock and there will be no more time!!!

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Your unwanted recipient,



The Pipster said...

Tiffany, procrastinator also visited me today... I shut the door in his face.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

P is with me 24-7! It sucks!

Julia said...

ugh! i hate that, but no Procrastinating here! we were moving all weekend. long story short, we moved back in september, but hadn't sold our house til just now. so we had to go back, get a HUGE uhaul and haul everything back here!! ugh! now, to find a place of our own! (been crashing w/ parents)