Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Question Friday: 05/28

It's Friday and I almost forgot to link up my 5QF!
I sat next to my laptop last night and fell asleep
without getting my Sneak Peek at the questions.
I even missed watching my free movie from the cable company.

thanks again to Mama M for
hosting Five Question Friday!
Loved your vlog!

1. Is there something you've always wanted to try but just can't muster up the courage to actually do yet?
I want to tandem skydive. I bought my husband a jump for his 30th birthday and he enjoyed the heck out of it. I want to do it one day but just haven't convinced myself that it's safe enough.

2. If you had $100 handed to you in cash without your significant other knowing about it, what would you spend it on?
Some shoes or a new purse. Possibly even get that pedicure I'm needing.

3. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a child?
I loved the see saw, but it wasn't much fun unless you had a partner.

4. Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?
I like a combination of both. I like to eat a bagel with honey nut cream cheese, my coffee and a yogurt during the week. My weekend breakfasts are more hearty with toast, eggs and bacon.

5. Are you a Neat Freak or a Messy Bessy?
Total neat freak!!! I am OCD about my cleaning and tidying up. But I can honestly say that after 2 kids I have gotten more relaxed about the dusting and mopping. I still keep the house very tidy with all toys and mess picked up daily.



Alexis AKA MOM said...

I do the same thing about the skydiving, want to do it but my brain keeps telling me no way.

Ohh yummy bagel with the honey nut sounds great.

I wish I was more OCD about cleaning, I need to have more hours in the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about my cleaning. Used to be more crazy about it and now I just pick up the toys a million times a day and call it good!

Stoppin by from Mama M's. Love your header image! Have a great weekend!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

I would LOVE to go skydiving. I just never got around to it.