Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yogurt or Sour Cream?

Browsing through my local grocery store
ad I saw that this Greek yogurt was on sale.
I enjoy eating yogurt and parfaits and I
LOVE me some Greek food so why not?

I bought two flavors to try. The Pomegranate
and the Strawberry. I opened up the strawberry
looked at the consistency of the yogurt and it looked
similar to sour cream. It was thicker than
any other brand I have ever eaten.
I tried it and after the first bite, I decided that
this was NOT the yogurt for me.
It is not as sweet as I would like and I couldn't
get over the fact that it was more like sour cream
with fruit.
I think I'll stick to my granola, strawberry parfaits.

Have you tried a nutritional food or
something new and found out you didn't like it?



MeAgain said...

Yeah, I tried the honey flavor of this stuff. I didn't like it at all.

The rule in my house is "you have to try it once". This stuff will not get a 2nd chance *makes a "that stuff tastes nasty" face*

Unknown said...

That sounds really gross

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I've used it to cook with only. It was great for the chicken salad I made. I tried the plain with powdered sugar for a blueberry cobbler and it was ok not one of my favorites :(.

Alexandra said...

Ugh. I tried this since everyone I knew said I'd love it.

I couldn't stand it!

It was awful.
I've gone back to my yoplait lites.