Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Minute-*snort* Edition

This week Ian's Monday Minute *Snort* Edition is dedicated to our friend Daffy, who lost her big sister a few days ago. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

1 - Do you *snort*?
I snort when laughing about something really funny. I get embarrassed but it happens so often I've learned to live with my *snort*.

2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy. What's your nickname?
I have a few, it depends on who you are. My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Teenie. My friends and my brothers call me Tiff.

3 - Do you know sign language?
nope. Well unless you consider charades sign language. It works well.

4 - What's a sample convo from your hood?
Me: "Wow. This waitress sucks."
K2: "I know. We should've put our 3rd order in when we put the second one in."
Me: "The kids are losing it. What they hafat do? Slaughter the cow and chickens?"
K2: "The kids are circling the drain."
Me: "Circling the drain?"
K2:"They're going down...."
Me: "Tell me about it. I think mine are down the pipe."

5- Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?
I don't take my phone to bed (unless my husband is out of town hunting). I do have to either have the tv on or radio to go to sleep.



Anonymous said...

I have to fall asleep to the TV too.
Love your convo in the hood. :)

Ashlee @ A Housewife Manifesto said...

I absolutely have to have the TV on as well. I keep the phone on the nightstand though. My husband hunts also. *sigh*

Your convo made me seriously lmao!

Following you!

Unknown said...

were you by chance at my local mcdonalds when that convo took place. I say that ALLLLL the time when going there..

Adoption of Jane said...

your kids are adorable!